24 Skateboards

Our website is coming soon, we are working very hard to give you the best experience.

About us

From the early days over 10 years ago in a small garage in Sydney, Australia we set a foundation that we believed in "To spread the love of skateboarding". We've used this to fuel our fire and made it our mission to bring people together through skateboarding's universal language that is spoken by riding a skateboard. Our family of skateboarders who dedicate endless hours to produce the perfect handcrafted skateboards are the backbone of this company. It's the time spent on the smaller details that makes the biggest impact on all of our products.

“ To a skateboarder, skateboarding isn't a trend or some type of fashion. To understand skateboarding you have to love it, live it, and breathe it. To a skateboarder, skateboarding is everything. ”

24 Skateboards.

New Features


We strive to create a unique experiences for all skateboarders on and off the skateboard. With this said we find the best way to do this off the skateboard is on the web and this is why we are spending more time focusing on our new website to bring you the best experience possible.

Image is everything

We understand that we don't create this brand but you do. With this in mind we literally pushed delete on our previous brand image to create something truly special and we're excited to share that with you.

Product Development

Over the past 2 years we have been secretly testing new board designs, new manufacturing techniques, and new ways to improve the overall flow of the skateboard.


With the understanding of image being driven by you, we decided to change the way we think about designing and creating our products. So we have created a new section of 24 Skateboards called My Brand.


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Email: info@24skateboards.com